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While there is no shortage of tragedy in Acapulco, there are signs of encouragement. Some major hotels are putting out notices of when they expect to be open. Some expect to be open for Christmas, though many are shooting for more realistic target dates that allow them to fully remodel in order to offer the high standards of service to which their clients are accustomed. So this will be a sad holiday season for a lot of Acapulqueños and Coyuquenses who will likely still be without complete homes or steady work. We're already seeing a lot of folks trying to migrate here. The question is, will landlords seek more money renting to tourists instead of needy Acapulqueños, will they take advantage of Acapulco's refugee's and overcharge them, or will we see something more charitable? I'm hoping for a bit more charity, but especially with all the out-of-towners who are landlords here who are just in it for the money with no sense of community, I'm not optimistic.

Our local Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegación Zihuatanejo remains a wonderful place to contribute to or to leave goods with for the victims of Huracán Otis. See their info for receiving donations of money on my Community Notices & Events page.

Tried to save a little bat that crash-landed on the Paseo the other night. Same with a turtle hatching I found struggling at sunrise among tracks of its siblings who had all wandered disoriented because of the bright lights along the waterfront. Picked up some trash undeserving beachgoers left on the beach. Found some treasure! An unopened package of dog food, same brand as ours eat. What a life! Wouldn't trade it for anything. Luckiest Gringo in México!

[image]Villas Los Arcos at Playa La Ropa is a lodging I enjoy being able to recommend. As if La Ropa isn't beautiful enough, this exquisitely designed and decorated lodging is a place one feels instantly at home in. I wish folks would simply spend more time in lodgings like this instead of cutting down more of our trees and clearing more land to build more vacation and retirement homes.
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