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:musicalnotes: As Lupita and I strolled along the Paseo del Pescador early Tuesday evening, I was a bit saddened to hear only Gringo music from each and every establishment that had music playing. Although it was good music from the 70's, it wasn't tropical music and no one was singing anything in Spanish. Please folks, just because you may not speak the language doesn't mean you can't enjoy local music. Please ask to hear something local or at least Latino and tropical at the establishments you patronize. Hire the Hermanos Morelos for a few songs. Enjoy where you are while you can!

Our ocean temps remain above average at around 30°C, keeping the ambient temps along the coast higher than they normally are at this time of year. The hillsides are a little less green each day. Unless it rains soon, the change in color of the hills from green to brown will happen much sooner than usual this year.

SAM'S CLUB in Acapulco reopened today. Another sign of Acapulco coming back to life. The cleanup continues. Federal, state and local governments and THE PEOPLE working together and working hard are making little miracles happen. Schools are a long way from reopening, but roads continue getting cleared, medical facilities continue reopening, lights keep getting turned on, potable water remains a huge problem but is advancing, reconstruction is getting underway, and lots of help continues to arrive. But not a word about Acapulco in any English-language foreign news service that I've seen.

[image]Casa Mi Corazón is an amazingly beautiful lodging located atop the hill at Playa La Madera. Divided into a 2BR upper and a 1BR ground floor apartments, the house can be rented in its entirety. An amazing pool has been added to the uppermost floor where you can float while gazing across the bay.
Vacation Rentals in Zihuatanejo

¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

Los primeros rayos del amanecer alcanzan Playa Principal en Zihuatanejo. Una belleza natural reconfortante.

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