MediZIHna para el Alma

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 22:00 (20 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

:musicalnotes: As Lupita and I strolled along the Paseo del Pescador early Tuesday evening, I was a bit saddened to hear only Gringo music from each and every establishment that had music playing. Although it was good music from the 70's, it wasn't tropical music and no one was singing anything in Spanish. Please folks, just because you may not speak the language doesn't mean you can't enjoy local music. Please ask to hear something local or at least Latino and tropical at the establishments you patronize. Hire the Hermanos Morelos for a few songs. Enjoy where you are while you can!

The perfect musical antidote for all that Gringo stuff is Zihua's wonderful trio, SOLO TRES. Local, tropical AND Latino. Mexican boleros and romanticos, songs from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela.....all in Spanish! And if a few of their numbers sound familiar - "Perfidia" or "Quien Sera" come to mind - that's because Gringo performers did English-language covers.

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