Fish question

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Escrito por Rick in Tulsa desde ( el día viernes, 23 de abril, 2004 a las 09:34:27 horas :

Ok here is on for the fisherfolk on the list. I am wondering how to either ship or transport fish home with me that I catch on my trip. I would love to catch a tuna and have it to take home with me. Or some of the other really tasty fish in the area, yes I know, no billfish. Those are all catch and release a practice I fully support. But I would like a tuna to go home with. Is this an option? Or is it a pipe dream. If I can get it home somehow what is the best option? Vacuum seal it and freeze and pack it home with me? Ship it? Could use some input from people who have done this before.
Thanks in advance this site is really giving me a lot of wonderful info to help me plan my trip.

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