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Escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día viernes, 23 de abril, 2004 a las 16:14:41 horas :

En respuesta a: Fish question escrito por Rick in Tulsa desde ( el día viernes, 23 de abril, 2004 a las 09:34:27 horas :

The only problem you will have is at the airport on departure. The security guys will want to see what is in the ice chest. If they are still on the "baggage inspection prior to departure program". Now this isn't a big thing but you will have to reseal the chest. So don't bother to seal it up before you get there.

First the airlines will not allow styrofoam containers, they will allow the soft sided zip up type but unless you are hand carrying it I would not suggest that type. The standard old Igloo works best. Bring or get a small roll of duct tape at Commercial Mexicana, take it to the airport with you. Try to use no ice, use crumbled up newspaper to line the chest, placing your fish in the center of the chest to the greatest degree possible. Once inspected, seal the chest. If the fish is solidly frozen, ice will NOT be required. If it isn't frozen solid make sure you double or triple bag the ice, if it starts melting and gets to the fish it will affect the taste. If it is mixed put the fresh fish in the very center. Solidly frozen fish will last 24 to 36 hours packed this way. Remember if it still has ice crystals in the flesh, the fish is fine.

Some hotels are a bit leery of freezing clients fish, many will do it without question, ASK first!! Most captains have made arrangements with someone to freeze clients catch, for instance ALL captains working with Ed Kunze have access to his freezer.

Last -- share the catch, if it is really a bunch (like 500# of tuna) then there may be a few more pesos for the crew. Chances are that what ever you share will be eaten by the family and you just might get an invite to meal, and that, amigo, would be the best part of your trip. An invitation to eat at your captains house is indeed an honor.

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