Trip Report day one

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Posted by Leonard on July 16, 2001 at 20:01:53:

Hello Rob!! Que esta haciendo vato?

Ok, we left Houston on Monday July 9. (Aeromexico vacation package through Aeromexico website with Las Brisas stay for 6 nites). Parked at Ampco parking under $6 a day. Aeromexico MD 80 (727) to Mexico City, arrived on time. Wait in D.F. for several hours. The times on the ticket show arrival times and not departure times. Departure times are not shown on TV screens in airport. Nor do the TV screens in the airport tell you what gate to go to until about 10 minutes before the plane leaves!!! They leave about an hour after the planes arrive. So, nearly a three hour wait in D.F. airport. We wandered around and ate. Got American money exchanged to pesos at exit door after going through Mexican immigration. Rates very good, better than hotel by far. There is a Burger King in the smoking area near gate 18 or so. The duty free stores are overpriced by three fold on many items including cameras. Liquor is average priced but no fantastic deal. Buy liquor in Zihua when you get there.

Leave D.F. on turbo prop. Hey Mexico City is not hot!! It is about 79 degrees at mid afternoon. Get to Zihua on time, supper time. Vacation package included all fees and ground transport to hotel. Fill out immigration forms and go through Mex. immigration in Zihua (again). No problems. Got ground transport to Hotel immediately. At hotel within an hour of landing. Baggage present. Tip person who carries luggage to car. Taxi already paid by vacation package. Tip taxi driver $5 pesos or so. Get quite a few $5 peso coins as it is a good marginal tip. $10 peso tip better for longer or better service.

Hotel is prepared for us and we get a room on 18th floor. This is the ground floor, believe it or not. They want credit card imprint. I allow it but sign it "Paid in full." What can I say?

We have a great room. The room is small but you get a ice box stocked. The cost of each item is 3 times the regular price. You can ask for a key to the in room safe. It is free. Don't loose it though. The room is quite nice since it has a balcony with a chaise lounge, chair table and plants. Of course, you are on the beach (above it). It is fantastic. The noise of the surf is very loud even on the 18th floor. You can hear it even with the doors to the balcony shut. The balcony could easily hold 10 people.

Time to eat. We go downstairs to Portofino. Rave reviews for food, presentation, service. I had shrimp cooked at table side. We talked the restaurant manager into cooking it with one of is chefs. We asked them to cook it their favorite way. They did and it was great. Flameau table side. We were the only ones there. Monday nite. Had $40 bottle of wine. Not bragging, be careful of the wine prices. Bill for supper was $150.00 including tip/propino. Quality of everything rivaled Boudro's in San Antonio or Cafe Annie's in Houston. Oh, can't forget the antipasto appetizer: it was the best. It is a buffet antipasto. Take your pick. Beautiful and excellent in variety, presentation and taste. The best I have had anywhere.

Off to bed. BIG BED. Smells great. Everything really clean. TV in room. Movies are $105 pesos plus tax. $12 bucks or so. You get the picture. You can hear the surf. It is not muffled. Go to sleep listening to surf. Hey, I own a sailboat and keep it at the Galveston Yacht Basin. We sleep on it every weekend, nearly. But, the sound of the surf at Las Brisas was fantastic, nonetheless.

The rest is top secret. I could tell you, but if I did I would have to..........

P.S.: Can't take liquor into Las Brisas. Bet you can't guess why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Can buy Cuban Cigars in Las Brisas.

The beach is exclusive, secluded and unreal. It is your beach. Only your hotel is on that beach. You are next door to Villa de Selva restaurant. The grounds are on about 40 acres. There are three or more swimming pools that are beautiful with view of the water at about 100 feet above the water. Walkways are everywhere: it is like being in a planaterium or tropical rainforest environ when you walk about the grounds.

Weather: hot? No way. Humidity is 59% and 87 degrees. I thought I was in El Paso in early April. Not hot, not humid, when you are from Houston and the humidity is 90% or more and 93 plus degrees.

Day two to follow.

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