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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on martes, noviembre 12, 2002 at 21:25:23 :

I see some noses have been getting bent out of shape over these related subjects. Maybe I can help clear the air.

It appears that a lot of people who visit here on AI plans are misled about tipping, believing that it is included in the bill and the waiters and service people all get their "fair share", whatever that may be. I have worked at more than one ritzy resort restaurant where the tip is included, and yes, the tip is divided up... but often between many undeserving people taking advantage of the system and benefitting from the extra efforts of a few hard workers.

The way AI is currently shaping up in our area is it is ruining the motivation of good hotel workers and resulting in their displacement by less-experienced workers. It has also reduced the income for many tip-dependent hotel workers causing extra hardships for them and their families.

I personally believe AI is an unnecessary service/sales gimmick to attract visitors to our area, and that the more-than-reasonable prices at many of our local restaurants coupled with many wonderful affordable accommodations that AREN'T high-rise hotels and that ARE owned by locals provide a more enriching experience for the visitors we would wish to have as well as benefitting the local economy substantially more. People who go AI are, IMHO, actually spending more money for less service and comfort than they could have otherwise. That is the AI con and it is unfortunate for everyone except the hotel owners.

However, since AI is here for the moment it would be best to encourage people who use it to please remember to tip in cash for services they receive, regardless of whether or not it is "included", if they believe the service itself was good and if they would like to continue to see it be so.

Waiters and other service people work for cash tips, not the taxed "tip" added on to their meager paycheck two weeks later split 150 ways between a lot of slackers.

If AI people want to really feel welcome in Ixtapa they need to remember to tip in cash at the time the service is received. Please remember, the people serving you will never be able to take the kind of vacation you are enjoying, so share a little prosperity and kindness and you will receive it back multiplied, and it'll also make you feel good to do the right thing. ;~)

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