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Posted by Ernie Gorrie from (ajid286fy53qc.bc.hsia.telus.net) on miércoles, noviembre 13, 2002 at 11:09:58 :

In Reply to: Comment about AI and Tipping posted by ZihuaRob from (dup-200-65-88-18.prodigy.net.mx) on martes, noviembre 12, 2002 at 21:25:23 :

I think that a very useful addition to Rob's website would be a "Primer On Tipping In Mexico" (or maybe even "In Zihuatanejo Area"). I know that I would sure find it helpful as some of the tipping protocols appear to be quite different from what many of us would expect.

For example, when shopping at the Commercial Mexicana, it is expected that customers will tip the person who packs the groceries. I have limited idea what the tip is supposed to be. I have heard "a couple of pesos". But should it be the same for a purchase of a few goods that go into one bag as for a purchase of N$1000 pesos going into a dozen bags?

Many of us come from places where it is customary to tip taxi drivers. This is not customary in Mexico, unless the driver has provided some unusual service.

I have heard that in Mexico it is expected that customers tip the person who pumps gas a a Pemex station. When I mentioned this to a local person in Zihuatanejo, they couldn't believe that I believed that.

I anticipated tipping porters at the airport N$10-$15 a bag. A friend who lives in Zihuatanejo thought that was excessive.

When I tried to tip the guy who delivers the 19 litre bottles of water, he didn't seem to understand that I wanted to tip him. When I tipped the guys who deliver the beer to the house, they didn't hesitate at all.

Quien sabe?

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