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Posted by percy from ( on lunes, febrero 03, 2003 at 19:06:36 :

In Reply to: Hotel Fontan Ixtapa posted by Cheryl from ( on lunes, febrero 03, 2003 at 15:14:27 :

1.I stayed at the Hotel Fontan over Chrsitmas and at the time I was wondering about the hotel also.
2. There is nothing wrong with the Hotel.
3.They have spent a lot of money on renovations and the place was clean and neat.
4. I was on the 7th floor with the #1 view from the balcony,so if you can ask for room #740 as the view from here is terrific.
5.Our room was clean and the bathroom was just fine ,the shower always had hot water.
6. The maids looked after us fine.
7. We had to at time wake up early and go save a chair at pool side , then come back to the room and wash up. But this was only when we were not going on a tour or to Zihau.
8. We had all inclusive, this is the cheaper way to go and the better way. You can always go out for a meal anytime you want. We did just for a change here and there.
9. My wife kept track of what the meals would have cost us had we had to have paid for each meal. Believe me it would be very expensive to pay for each meal.
10. I do not like going out hunting for places to eat 3 times a day,to me that is not a holiday.
11. We went to Las Gatas and Isla of Ixtapa and we drank and snacked there, so no big deal.
12. The poolside bathrooms Are very clean and the bathroom in the lobby ,just back of the main desk was very cleanand looked new.
I found the bathrooms in the lobby of the Dorado , Riveria, Intercontinental and Krystal a bit lacking. We made the rounds to the other places as you can tell.
13. We met people who were complaining about the food at the next door Presidente Inter Continental. They said the food was always the same.!!
14. It is hard to please everyone all the time.
15. We did not want to have a buffet at noon so at poolside we only had a hamburger and or hot dog and beer or diet pepsi.
16. Four friends of ours just returned from Hotel Fontan( Jan.28/030),they had a good time and had a Mexican Fiest Night twice, once with the table set out on the beach and they ate under the stars.!
16. Would I stay at Hotel Fontan again, perhaps not unless thye gave me room #740 BUT I always like to change around. I would go to Barcelo next door.
17. I was at the 5 star Grand Oasis in Cancun, it was great. Would I stay there again, perhaps not because I would want to try another place.
18. Cheryl if you have more questions just ask away.
Have a great time.
Oh yes you can get sick anywhere, on the cruise ship , at a 4-5 star hotel etc.
19. I got sick the first time in Cancun at a 5 star place,it was my fault I tried too many different drinks and I am not a drinker.
20.Like the tour lady said people come to Mexico and they get sick from too much "Ahh"
like in Cerveza,Salsa, Tequila,Margerita, Pina Colada , these all end with "ahh"
Have a nice time

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