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Posted by Saana in Texas from (BU-WCS1-KELLY.NIPR.MIL) on jueves, febrero 20, 2003 at 17:26:30 :

Hotel-I've been home for two weeks and feel like itís already been a year. We (my mom, a good friend, and myself) stayed at Hotel Rossy which was a wonderful , Cecilia and the staff made us all feel welcome. Our main concern going to ZIH this time was the walk to the beach since I was bringing my mom. The hotel was the perfect locat1on for a short walk to the beach.

Fun-We went to Las Gatas on Feb 2nd , which was the day of the Regata so we saw a lot of sailboats going around the ZIH bay. We got a lot of good pictures. We also went to La Barra de Potosi and spend the day. This was my favorite day, I truly love La Barra de Potosi it is my favorite place. We meet Laura who I had missed on my previous trip. She is a wonderful lady who has given so much of herself to the community. We spend all others days on La Ropa Beach.

Food-We fell in love with breakfasts at Rossyís restaurant. We ate a few times at Danielís, they have Ice Tea and great Ceasar salads. Which was something we wanted almost everyday.

Shopping-Went to Ixtapa for a few hours one day-it seemed a lot hotter there with the hotels blocking a good breeze. Prices of course were higher there so we came back to ZIH for more shopping. We meet and bought at lot of stuff from Jasmine I cant remember the name of her shop but we spent a lot. Jasmine and her family are very nice people-one night when we were there her husband was teaching their oldest boy more English he was trying so hard and he was doing a good job. Got some good deals on silver too right around the corner from her shop.

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