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Escrito por Kathleen in CO desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 21:10:30 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: The Griswald's Mexican Road Trip - Part 3 escrito por Geenance desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 20:31:25 horas :

Yes, I would have liked to have more time too - we were there three nights after four nights on the coast in La Barra de Potosi. So what is up with the brass bands practicing pre-dawn? I had heard Mexican schoolkids are very disciplined...but that seems above and byond the call of duty!

Our drive was kinda like yours - did you see the little kids holding up the iguanas for sale under the underpass on the toll road? Here's something funny: My husband (Ed) gave ten pesos to one of those religious collectors. I chastised him most severely. It became funny as I said we'll probably need 10 pesos at some point and won't have it because you bla blah blah and pestered him about it until we were both helpless with laughter. Anyway, we paid the first toll on the toll road and thought that was it. We were just about out of pesos and didn't realize we would have to pay again. Well, we got to the next toll booth, and guess what? We were a 10 pesos short!!!!!!!

It turned into this giant ordeal that I feared was going to escalate into some kind of international incident. The grumpy tollbooth guy said we could pay $2.00 in American money, so I got out eight American quarters. He made it understood that he wanted two American paper dollars. Well, I had only big bills and knew that wasn't going to go over. By this time, there were people backed up behind us, and we asked if we could back up and turn around. No one seemed to understand that. Finally, they waved the other folks on and we backed up, still unsure if we could turn around and cross the road so we could go back to the banco in Urupuan. The "boss" came out and boy, was he angry with us. He was obviously just a short tempered guy since we were being very polite, but he scared me -he was having a regular fit. And then, of course, over comes the guy with the machine gun to stand in front of our car. Now I was so shaken up that I forgot what little Spanish I know. I understood what the guy was saying - "Go take the free road" - but the key question for us was, "Can we leave?" He didn't understand and must have thought we were still pleading to get through the gate. He went into a real rage and yanked out his wallet to take out some money and all his stuff flew out of it and flew all over the road because he was having such a fit, arms windmilling, and started shaking paper money in Ed's face. I kept saying, "Entiendo, entiendo", and he was just getting madder while the machine gun guy got more tense. We finally just took off and turned around. It was the worst experience I have had in Mexico.

But now I have it to hold against Ed for the rest of his life that he gave away those ten pesos (giggle).

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