Re: The Griswald's Mexican Road Trip - Part 3

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Escrito por Geenance desde ( el día domingo, 21 de marzo, 2004 a las 20:31:25 horas :

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Ah, a buzzer! If only I had known! ;))

I think we were there between festivities, but still heard the brass band. Also, sitting by the plaza eating breakfast and along came a parade of approximately 100 kids around kindergarten age...all dressed up in costumes as animals, princesses, etc. ...many proud parents and grandparents following along.

First thing in the morning it was interesting to see the joggers and walkers doing the circuit around the main plaza in Patzcuaro. I went out for a stroll and was about to head out in one direction but noticed that all of the joggers/walkers were going in a counter-clockwise I did too. I didn't want to do a cultural faux pas!

Walking to our car one day a small boy came chasing after us. "Senor, Senor!" We had dropped our car keys (or left them on a store counter) and he tracked us down and gave them to us. He quickly turned to leave, but we called him back and gave him a big tip. It was clear that he didn't do it with the expectation of a tip though. So many nice people.

I would have liked to have had more time to relax and really get to know the area better.

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