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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 14:43 (370 days ago) @ ladybug

So far we have not turned down anyone. We count on our volunteers to tell us who needs what. In Centro that person is Lupita and we are grateful she has been there because we wouldn't know who is who otherwise. I suspect the rude volunteer is not actually a volunteer because we only have one person who would be in contact with Lupita and that is Jose Bustos and he is my right hand guy and would never treat anyone with disrespect, especially Lupita.
We know that Rotary and Elizabeth Brady and a few restaurants are covering Centro and likely the parte alta as we are not. We count on Lupita for anyone getting missed and all of her clients are definitely getting missed for a number of reasons. We are trying very hard to not duplicate any other group including the government. When we are advised the government was in a particular colonia we don't go there unless we get a report that someone was missed. Rotary asks us where they should deliver.
We keep a data base of every delivery. So far we have people in Los Achotes, Los Almendros, Barrio Viejo, Barrio Nuevo, Pantla, 3 in Los Llanitos, Aqua de Correa, El Zarco and tons more in between but we don't not go home to home, we get a recomendation from someone we trust in the community and go from there. We have to be as efficient as we can as we know this isn't going to be over any time soon. We hope a bunch get called back to work so we can continue to help as many as possible. Our original plan was 600 families but we have already far exceeded that, now we just hope the donations keep coming because the need is certainly there.

The unfounded criticism was immediately resolved by Lupita at that moment. She is infinitely grateful for your help. I only mentioned the episode to illustrate my point in response to Lorenzo's remarks about helping the outlying communities. Some of them rely much less on tourism than we do in Zihuatanejo and it makes less sense to help folks who fish and farm, for example, than other folks who have been out of work with no income for over two months. ¡Gracias y saludos!

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