Who's What, Where on La Ropa.

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, November 26, 2021, 17:30 (486 days ago) @ Keytime

Most of the nationals enter LaRopa at the south end where the busses can unload their passengers. In regard to Chairs and umbrellas, It is a crying shame that the regulations are stopping people from enjoying beach time and having some shade to enjoy during the heat of the day. But I also see the point that when the chairs and unbrellas were allowed, the amount of Garbage that was left on the beach was disturbing to all of those that stayed when the busses departed. Bad is not the word for it. Many of us would spend sunday evening and Monday morning filling bags with garbage. So as it goes, the few ruined it for the masses.

Gee, instead of harassing EVERYONE and ruining it for EVERYONE, logic would suggest placing trash cans at strategic and CONVENIENT locations and having the eco-guardianas (or whatever the hell they call themselves) FINE THE LITTERERS. Kind of like they do at most every other half-decent tourist destination in the world.

The entire length of the newly remodeled multi-million peso Paseo del Pescador doesn't have one single garbage container. Not one. From the pier to the end of La Madera. Each morning there is garbage strewn up and down the Paseo and the beach from the night before, and since they lock up the ONE PUBLIC RESTROOM that most people don't use anyway since they charge, every single tree and cement pillar on the beach has become a urinal (and worse) for the night's drunks. I expect better for the taxes we pay instead of watching local politicians assign their own businesses non-bid public contracts one after another for projects of dubious necessity like the Paseo del Pescador, the Mercado de La Ropa, and the FUGLY concrete letters that everyone poses in front of at the beach instead of the jaw-dropping beautiful beach itself.

Daily I read complaints from Mexican tourists about the ridiculous beach rules, and daily I read that they will not return but instead go to other places such as Barra de Potosí, Papanoa, Playa Linda, La Barrita, Troncones and Saladitas. And just like that Zihuatanejo loses the little income its "new" tourism is supposed to generate. People who were repeat visitors, including many who have been readers here, no longer return. The solution is simple. But getting our local politicians to admit their error after they've spent years bragging about "being awarded" the Blue Flag certification is another matter. They have too much political investment, and they could never admit I was right all along and they were wrong. ¡SE LOS DIJE!

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