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Posted by Dorado1 from ( on domingo, febrero 02, 2003 at 22:23:42 :

In Reply to: Re: A note about commissions posted by Stan Lushinsky from ( on domingo, febrero 02, 2003 at 19:35:12 :


I don't care about you, your agents or what you do. Your "agent" approached us in front of the store, period!!!

I formed an association with you for the first two tournaments based on the fact your captains practiced tag & release, BS, they didn't even have tag sticks or tags!! Now, you want to talk about your scheme to sell $2 tags for $5 to the "tourists"? That little deal was killed because it was against US Federal law!!

One captain, one double booking, I have watched you tap dance through that more than once. Only thing was you didn't put 30% of his charter fee in your pocket.

Captains on the web site, if they work with you, I don't put them on it unless they request it, eat your own lies.

When it comes to spinning of facts, you win, you have yet to make a mistake you couldn't blame on someone else!! Grow up!!

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