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Posted by Stan Lushinsky from ( on domingo, febrero 02, 2003 at 19:35:12 :

In Reply to: A note about commissions posted by ZihuaRob from ( on viernes, enero 31, 2003 at 23:27:29 :

Rob well said !!! You have had the advantage of seeing what the sportfishing industry was 15 years ago and what it is today. You also have the perception of where it could go with the proper ORGANIZATION. I have been a part of that organization and will continue to try to build a network of good quality specialty agents who will sell and recommend the sportfishing services largely to the sportfishing community who know the value of a well organized destination. The efforts of people like DORADO1 are dead set against this development. Their only marketing philosophy is to let others attract clients so they can steal them away for $ 20.00 less a day. If anyone needs a blueprint for the lack of an organized sportfishing destination just take the 4 1/2 hour bus ride to Acapulco where growth and "Coyotism" was allowed to run rampant during the hey days of the 60's and 70's. Now there are no agents representing that destination for sportfishing and even the best captains with the best boats find it difficult to sustain a profitable business. In short they have no representation in the sportfishing community and their prices have fallen through the floor and so has their client base. Tourists think price. Fishermen think Value. If you think this won't happen in Zihua think again. I met with the new director of tourism for the OCV in Ixtapa last week and his greatest concern was for this one issue. I could not agree with him more. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo can easily get the reputation and signature of a second class destination where " Scamming " has taken over as the local pastime. No agent will commit energy and financial resources to a destination where his clients will be haggled by the likes of DORADO1 and his associates. I spent my time and money and effort to bring that agent from France and he told me very directly what had happened and who was invloved so I tend to believe him and he certainly identified you Paul and captain Santiago.
Having a reputable source to go to and a way of organizing and customizing sportfishing packages is how destinations like Cabo grew and maintains itself in the elite destinations of the world. Cabo is represented by over 1000 agents in California alone. They do not work for no commissions and they put a substantial amount of their resources back into the promotion of the area. I doubt if Cabo would remain the destination it is if all of the agents suddenly took their interests elsewhere. Dorado1 would have you believe that his system of contacting the captains directly is the best way to go for everyone. I recently had a client contact me and asked me if he could book direct. I said "of course" but you have to understand that the captains are not in the business of organizing your schedule. He called one such captain, made a booking, and oddly enough I met this client on the pier on the first morning of his charter. He was disappointed that the captain had double booked the boat on that day and now he could not go fishing with his wife as planned. This client spent over $ 2500 for a two week stay in Ixtapa, Saved $ 30.00 by booking directly with the captain and lost his first day of fishing because of bad organization with no remedy in sight. Sounds like a good way to go for me...NOT! From the other side, I have also had captains who accepted direct bookings only to be stiffed by clients who found a better deal when they got on site. Since no money was ever exchanged the captain was left holding the bag. It is a terrible cycle and the agent is the common denominator to protect both the client and the captain should any problems arise. The commission is a very small percentage of the total cost of a trip. I would submit that DORADO1 does not provide clients with commission free mounts. I would also submit that he marks them up over 50% to cover the commission he has to pay captains and or other agents to sell those mounts.

You are right Rob, when it comes to lack of character, certain individuals are easy to spot because of their selective spinning of the facts. DORAOD1 is the undisputed king of this.
I have stayed off his radar screen because he has no value to my operation or to my captains. He continuously tried to lure them away and uses their services including their boat ( on his web site ) and fishing reports to lure clients to the boats of his associates. Dispite efforts by my captains, including signed letters, to have Paul remove their boats. He refuses. We all know people like this in our lives.

I'll finish by asking anoyone reading this post to ask themselves if they would work for nothing or if they know of anyone who would work for nothing. The totality of my work is not known by DORADO1 and he is not the one who should be commenting on it. He has been warned by the IGFA to refrain from do so. In the growth process of the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo sportfishing industry I claim to be only a part. Clients are free to use my services as are the captains who perform for me on a daily basis. I encourage anyone to read the testimonials on our web site and I would be happy to provide many other testimonials for those who are interested. The harm here is the misrepresentation, half-truths and outright lies that people like DORADO1 tell in order to perpetuate their own business. MY association with him during the formation and first years of the tag & release tournament gave me enough evidence that nothing good would ever come from that association. Unfortunately, I will always regret getting him started in such a beautiful and genuine place as Ixtapa Zihuatanejo! I was the first victim of his spin.
Stan Lushinsky
Ixtapa Sportfishing Charters

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