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Posted by ZihuaRob from (dup-200-65-89-248.prodigy.net.mx) on viernes, enero 31, 2003 at 23:27:29 :

In Reply to: Re: Fish Tourneys kill or no kill posted by Dorado1 from (148-223-244-28.cdnet.com.mx) on viernes, enero 31, 2003 at 22:36:05 :

There have been numerous attempts to convince the public that cutting out a charter company and dealing directly with the captains is supposed to benefit the client and the captain. Quite the opposite is true and not only do the captains and clients pay in the long run but the entire local fishing industry loses.

I must state that Dorado1 has an agenda that includes intentionally causing harm to at least one of our local charter services, often sending "helpful" e-mails of how to contact captains directly.

Recently an agent brought here from Europe by our most reliable and successful charter service commented on how he was approached at the pier by several people including alleged "non-agents", captains and charter services all promising him they could beat the price of their competitor by x amount of dollars. The agent observed that such practices hurt our local sportfishing industry since he cannot in good faith send a client here who will be approached by such people thus cutting out the agent's future commission from that client. Best to send his clients where he knows such underhanded cut-throat tactics are not practiced and the integrity of his professional relationship with his client will be honored. Unfortunately this professional attitude is not prevalent in Zihuatanejo, as is evidenced once again here by Dorado1's highly unethical message.

Local fishing captains left on their own to attract clients have historically been unable to do so. They do not have sufficient communication skills in English, they do not use e-mail effectively or reliably and have little interest or knowledge in marketing, Internet, travel agents, and publicity. They won't spend their money on these things because they mostly know next to nothing about them. So in the absence of charter services who find the clients for them, they scramble for clients, prices come down, equipment isn't properly maintained, and more fish are killed to make up for the lost income on the charter fee. This is exactly the opposite of how our local sportfishing industry should be managing itself and what many have been working hard over the past decade to remedy. Dorado1 would have us undo much of what has been accomplished by such services.

Charter services provide more clients for the captains than they could possibly find for themselves, guaranteeing them a higher income and passing the cost on to the consumer, who would pay much more for the same services in places such as Cabo, Acapulco, Florida or Hawaii. The captain pays nothing to the charter service, but simply coordinates with them and honors the terms of their professional arrangement.

That inconsequential commission Dorado1 is trying to talk you out of paying covers the costs of finding more clients for the captains by the charter service. These same charter services send us millions of dollars worth of tourist business each year. Cutting them out is bad for Zihuatanejo's sportfishing industry as well as for Zihuatanejo's tourist industry.

Same goes for the travel agents, such as Travel Judy, who help make dreams come true not only for tourists but also for the locals whose services she helps to promote and sell. Dorado1, you want to also recommend to the good folks that they not use her services? I thought not.

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