Kia and Hyundai to build EVs in Mexico

by Little Guy @, Thursday, May 18, 2023, 12:51 (129 days ago)

The Governor of New Nuevo León, Mexico, Samuel Garcia, revealed Kia’s plans on his Twitter this week, initially saying Kia once again bets on Nuevo Leon with a “billion dollar investment to expand its plant and produce two Kia car models” later editing out the billion.

With the new planned investment, Garcia says, “We will be the state that produces the most electric car models: the Tesla model, the KIA model, and the Navistar electric truck.”

Is there any reasonable basis on which to think that Mexico might start to promote the sale of BEVs?

I know it might be a stretch, given that Mexico benefits financially from its global-warming petrochemical industries. But Mexico also stands to suffer from global warming; weather disasters from climate change; and infrastructure damage to tourism, housing, and shipping due to rising sea levels. I think of the number of homes and businesses in Troncones that would be threatened by a rise of 1 to 1.5 meters of sea level.

I want to buy a vehicle in Mexico, but not one that will contribute to “tailpipe” GHGs. So far, buying a BEV in Mexico seems to be impractical.

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