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Escrito por IluvIxtapa desde ( el día miércoles, 17 de marzo, 2004 a las 15:42:19 horas :

Anyone stay there recently (last 3 or 4 months?) We stayed there 3 years ago and had a most pleasant experience. The last 2 years we were unable to get rooms there at the late date we planned our trip and were very excited to once again this year secure rooms there. That was until I started reading some scathing reviews on Seems the hotel is under new management(?) and sounds like everything has gone downhill...most complaints were: terrible food, unattentive staff, dirty facilities. And, seems as if you can't get a poolside chair unless you're up and at the pool at the crack of dawn to stake your claim (I think that's somewhat universal for all the beachfront hotels) but worse is the beach palapas are, according to a few posters, "reserved" for those guests who have upgraded to a jr or regular suite. Not all, but a good portion. And, even if they are not occupied, you will be asked to remove yourself from them and leave them unused....

Unfortunately, it is too late for us to make any changes as we have tickets in hand and the trip is already paid for. I would love to hear from anyone who may have had any recent experience, good or bad, so at least we have a heads up when we go. We are staying in the tower rooms, oceanview.


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