Price checking at Soriana

by Little Guy @, Sunday, October 30, 2022, 18:00 (152 days ago)

I don’t know whether this is a recent phenomenon, but I have had to have two price corrections done today at Soriana. Everyone was good about it, but there was quite a price discrepancy.

First, I bought two 980 ml bottles of Cuervo Especial that were priced at M$217.

(Don’t shame me about that product. Yesterday I bought a bottle of Adictivo for M$1010 at Tequila Por Favor. A friend will be arriving this week and I want him to taste a variety of tequilas and mescals.)

The Especial rang up at M$241, so I had to go through a process of getting the price corrected. That was only M$48 of correction.

I saw that there was a promotion on that included rum and mescal. Buy one, get 50% of the second bottle. So later in the day I went back. My rum was M$475/bottle; the mescal was M$559/bottle.

It rang up as M$475 twice and M$559 twice. I pointed out that the second bottle of each should be 50% off. The teller “corrected” it by deducting M$279.50.

I pointed out that was only 50% off of the second bottle of mescal. I still needed 50% off of the second bottle of rum. She couldn’t accomplish that, so it got the supervisor involved.

I had taken a photo of the promotional sign and showed it to both of them.

Eventually both discounts were properly applied for M$517. Add that to the previous M$48 and there was M$565 in potentially missed savings for just me today. That might not be a lot of money for some people, but I can sure use that M$565.

I wonder how many people have been less diligent about checking their receipts in the past couple of days and how much potential savings was lost.

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