The people of La Barra don't want this project

by ElAleman, Friday, February 18, 2011, 01:44 (4674 days ago) @ Laura

Hi Laura,

Maybe you are right; you are talking about what has been done but the question is:
Who takes the banner???
Talking among us does not help; what we need are actions! Let me tell it in Spanish:
Estas gastando mucha saliva sin conclusiones y propuestas; si eres tan sabia entonces porque no nos juntamos y hagamos un plan de trabajo pero ya !!!!

I know you are back now in the States and you do not know the latest details.
Today (meanwhile yesterday) we had a meeting with the major of Petatlan and he said that he does not know anything on that issue; we showed him with documents and interviews he gave, that we do not believe his words. I insisted that the plan D.G.P.-G01, dated march 24, 2010 should be exhibited to the public to start to talk about facts; up to now all are assuming. What we need are facts and based on that to work out an action plan to defend Barra de Potosi. We set up already a "cause" on facebook

No a la destrucción de Barra de Potosi

where we uploaded a lot of documents which may help us to stop the project. Unfortunately all the documents we found are in Spanish and I think it is too much work to translate everything into English. What we need is guidance how to proceed. How can we work together with the people who are involved in Zihua. How to contact all the organizations who may assist us. Any idea? Any concrete proposal??? But let's stop talking and start with actions, please !!!

Hasta la próxima

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