Bringing My Dog Back to Mexico

by victorio, Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 19:49 (77 days ago) @ Casa Juan

I brought my dog from BC to Mexico for years . Just had to go to the
vet to make sure that his shots were up to date and get an international health certificate . One year, Mexico insisted that we get another shot for external parasites before we could leave the airport ( this was in Mexico City). They got a vet in and administered the shot. After paying 300 pesos for the vet and 500 pesos for the shot, we were free to go. Only missed one flight to Zihua. The sad part was the mutt died 2 weeks later. Coincidence? He was 17.5 years old . He is buried on the hill overlooking Playa Larga and Zihua bay.
Long may you run buddy.

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